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MacPherson Architects Inc / 2MA pursues the evolution of engaging Architectural environments through a creative design process with Clients and Colleagues – transforming the conceptual spirit of built spaces through exploration and delivery implementation.

With over 30 years of experience, our process fosters intellectual artistic collaboration and technical expertise to create stimulating places where we want to be, to live, and to learn.



Our firm culture is founded on the desire of exploring and constructing spatial enclosure which inspires the creative human experience in the built environment. The process of Design and Architecture follows discovery, which informs the outcome. It is a synergistic interaction among a creative team, incorporating art, beauty, practicality and technology.

The means of developing such a process involves explorations which have become themes in our work. This pursuit is embedded in all we do from the large perspective to the smallest detail. Themes in our work include; Light, Movement, Lines, Layering, Sustainability, Logistics, Color, and Meaning.



Mentorship is an integral part of 2MA culture, lending academic discourse to our process and perpetuation of the field, as well as discovery and growth for the firm.

We draw students from internship programs at local and national universities and offer repeating opportunities for students as they matriculate, with some returning full-time upon graduation. Partners and staff participate in academic teaching, lectures, exhibitions, continual education, and design reviews as guest critics.

A studio atmosphere is maintained in the firm which encourages an exploratory environment of creativity and collaboration.